Origens Brasil

Everyone knows that the Amazon is being destroyed. But there’s a way of protecting it that most people don’t realize: by empowering small local producers. If they have reasons to stay, they won’t sell their lands to illegal logging companies. Imaflora, an environmental NGO, has been working on this for many years. And to launch their new Amazon local products, we came up with more than a logo.

A visual identity that helps to preserve the forest, by using QR Code Technology. For each product, a different logo, a different story. A QR Code tree that preserves real trees of the Amazon.

Origens Brasil has benefited 1.262 small local producers who sold 53,759.5 kg of Brazilian nut, 4,839.9 kg of rubber and 285 kg of honey. The project also helped to protect 26 million hectares of forest.




Agency: LDC
Chief Creative Officer: Guga Ketzer
Creative Directors: Cássio Moron, Fábio Saboya, Raphael Franzini and Sérgio Mugnaini
Head of Design: Eduardo Tallia
Designers: Eduardo Tallia, Paula Padilha and Gustavo Lacerda
Copywriter: Alex Adati and Thiago Boccato
Art Director: Gregory Kickow and Eduardo Tallia
UX Experience: Fabrício Kassick
Executive Producers: André Michels, Ana Luisa Andre, Sid Fernandes
Project Manageer: Karina Rebelo
Planning: Ken Fujioka, André Troster and Aline Prates
Media: Daniel Chalfon e Adriana Favaro
Client Service: Natalie Gruc e Stefany Soria
RTV: Thieny Prates
Web Production: Gumini
Áudio Production: Big Foote
Film Production: O2
Director: Alex Gabassi